A Fun Friend

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A Fun Friend

I found him on the internet his profile said bi swinger and I knew my wife would think he is cute. Which to my surprise she admitted yes he is cute. So I emailed him and I waited and waited for a response for over a week the whole time fantasizing about watching him /wife/wife-fucking/fucking-my-wife/">fucking my wife and how happy she would look having sex with such a cute guy. I had almost given up on him writing back when he finally did and he asked what we look like so I sent him some pictures of us. It took a few days and he finally wrote back. And asked what are you guys wanting to do? So I wrote him back and told him I would like him to have sex with my wife while I watch and maybe even participate. He wrote us back and asked when would you guys like to meet? So we set it up he was coming over next Saturday night.

It is now Saturday afternoon my wife has spent all afternoon getting ready I can tell she is really excited and very horny for his cock. My phone rings it is him calling to setup a time we set it up for seven. As it gets closer to seven I can tell my wife’s excitement is building she is in the best mood and very horny. I could tell She is thinking about what his cock is going to feel like in her now dripping pussy. She asks me honey are you sure you are going to be ok with this.

And I reassure her I will be fine and will love seeing how happy it makes her to feel his cock in her. She is all ready and looks so hot she is wearing a very short jean skirt with no panties her pussy fresh shaved and I can see she is soaking wet she also has on a very sexy pink top and her thigh high boots wow she looks hot. We are sitting waiting for him and the door bell rings my wife gets up to answer it, it’s him she lets him in and gives him a hug then she leads him to our back patio where I am me and him shake hands and we all sit down. All of us are very nervous so I begin by asking him if he thinks my wife is hot and he says oh yea very hot. I look over at my wife and ask her do you like him? She says to me yea he is real cute! Babe would it be easier for you if you two just go in the bedroom alone? Well no I want you to get my pussy ready for his cock. With that I get up and walk over to her and get down in front of her chair she pulls her skirt up I can see her pussy is soaking wet she even has a wet spot on her skirt. I begin licking her soaked pussy.

She then signals him to come over to her and he comes over next to her chair she begins rubbing his cock through his pants and then tells him take off your clothes which he does she then begins sucking his cock while I am licking her pussy. I look up and see her sucking his cock and it really turns me on his cock is just a little longer than mine but a lot fatter and she is loving sucking it even slobbering all over it. She pauses for a moment and says babe penetrate me please I’m so horny. I tell her no this is his pussy tonight do you want to suck me while he fucks you. She says oh yes good idea. So I stand and say babe bend over the corner of the table and she does he gets behind her I get in front milf porn videos of her by her face she begins licking and sucking my cock. I see him approach her from behind he is about to penetrate her. He is teasing her rubbing the huge head of his cock all over her soaking pussy she is beginning to orgasm and he has not even penetrated her yet. I can see that his cock is covered in her juices and she begins screaming with a /orgasm/huge-orgasm/">huge orgasm.

And then my fantasy becomes a reality. He buries is rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock deep within my wife’s pussy and it looks better than I could of ever imagined so hot I can feel her whole body like an earth quake she is screaming oh my god fuck me your cock feels so good /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder fuck me and she begins sucking my cock with eagerness I have never seen her have. I have to pull away so I won’t cum. He is pounding her pussy I can even hear like a swishing noise because she is Cumming so much. She is now seeing stars I think and he is still fucking her very hard. I step over by my chair and sit down and watch as this young hung stud fucks my wife I look at her and she looks like she is in heaven and I smile realizing that I set all of this up and she is loving every minute of it I smile /real/real-big/">real big and feel great that I was able to give my loving wife probably one of the best times of her life and mine.

And I hear him start to moan and he says I’m going to cum and like we agreed he pulls out and removes his condom and I watch as he cums all over my wife’s back side. And I sit and look there is my wife laying across our patio table in a daze with another mans cum all over her I walk over behind her I am so horny now after seeing him fuck her like that and seeing his cum all over her. And she says fuck me baby so I place the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy and it just falls in as the man that just /wife/wife-fucking/fucked-my-wife/">fucked my wife is larger and thicker than me but it feels better than it ever has and I begin pumping my wifes now stretched out pussy and I feel her begin another orgasm this other man walks up to my wifes face and she begins sucking his now hardening cock. I say oh my god I’m going to cum my wife says cum in me baby as I begin to shot one of the biggest loads of my life deep inside /pussy/wife-pussy/my-wifes-pussy/">my wifes pussy as I look at the other mans cum all over her back.

I go in the house to get a wash cloth to clean us all up and return to my wife sitting in a patio chair legs spread and the other man fucking her again so I sit down and watch as he pounds her /hard/real-hard/">real hard this time. I look at my wife’s face I have never seen her like this she is in another place all together. So I stand and walk over and begin pulling her hair and kissing her I whisper in her ear. So I take it you like him I did good baby I don’t think you heard me but that’s ok your having fun so I’m happy. He stands up and asks if they can do a different position and I ask him what position? He says do you have a bed? Yea we do I say come on babe.

We go into our bedroom and I say you want him on the bar stool you say oh yea so you sit on the barstool and he puts his cock back in you and begins fucking you again. I lay on our bed and begin masturbating as I watch another man fucking you. Oh it so hot. I see you pull him to your ear for moment you say to me pull your head to the edge of the bed so I turn sideways and place my head on the edge. The man picks up his pace fucking my wife and pulls his cock out of my wife’s pussy and removes his condom turns around and cums all over me and in my mouth. he then inserts his now softening cock in my mouth and the taste is incredible I can taste my cum, his cum and my wife’s cum all at once.

 And I cum again to. We all retire back out on the patio to talk for awhile. The man that fucked my wife then leaves. And me and you sit down to talk about what we just did. I ask you if you will be wanting to do it again with him? You say that’s up to you babe I did have a lot of fun though. Your not mad that he fucked me again are you? Oh hell no that was hotter than /first-time/">first time the way his cock tasted was incredible all of us were on it, it made me cum like no other. Ok babe I will think about it for a few days it is ok if I invite him over again right? Oh yea I had alot of fun and he is cute! Cool then I’ll think about it. We go to bed.

I email the other man the next morning and tell him she liked him a lot and we would like for him to come over a second time. He said he would be happy to come back again and that he had a lot of fun the first time.

*** Part 2 A Treat For The Other Man

Two weeks later he is set to come over at seven again. My wife has spent all afternoon getting ready again. I tell her babe just shave your pussy and take a bath don’t get all made up and everything. And she tells me no I have to look good for him. ok babe. Then we hear a knock at our door it’s him our new fuck buddy. This time I answer the door and let him in and we sit down in the living room. My wife comes walking down he hall into the living room and says hi to our new buddy and she sits between me and him.

She notices my cock is hard already and she begins rubbing it through my shorts. I tell her rub his to babe so she is now rubbing both of cocks and she has us both hard already. I stand up and take off my clothes he follows my lead. I say babe suck his cock and play with mine. She says no you suck his cock and I will suck yours. We pull the foot stool out I sit on it and take his cock in my mouth my wife gets down on the floor and takes me in her mouth.

We do this for awhile and I say ok lets try something I tell the other man to sit on the chair which he does I ask my wife to sit down on his cock facing out but do not insert his cock because I want a /pussy/pussy-cock/cock-and-pussy/">cock and pussy buffet so she straddles him and lays back on him I proceed to suck his cock and lick her pussy I am going back and forth from his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock to my wife’s soaking /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. I do this for about ten minutes and ask my wife are you ready for his cock babe. You say oh yea baby put his huge hard cock in my pussy please. So I take his cock guide it toward your waiting /pussy/hot-pussy/hot-wet-pussy/">hot wet pussy you slide down on him as I am sucking his balls you begin riding his cock. You then lift up and off his cock and say honey lick my juice off his cock. So I take his cock deep in my mouth and all I taste is your pussy I run my tongue all up and down his hard cock and then guide him back into your pussy.

Damn I am so horny by this point. I stick my tongue out so that every time you drop down on his hard cock my tongue hits your clit you start screaming oh my god oh my god and you have a huge orgasm I see your juice running down his cock so I start licking your juice off his balls good it taste so good. My cock is throbbing I stand in front of you cock hard as a rock and ask you can you take me to babe? You stop riding him and drop all the way down on his cock I approach your soaked pussy and place the head of my cock right above his and push it penetrates you just a little and you scream ouch oh god ouch oh god oh baby oh my god fuck me and you start convulsing up and down on his cock as I fuck you at the same time you don’t even know your own name now it is the best sex you have ever had and I can tell I can not hold back anymore and fill you with my cum I remove my cock and get back down between your legs as you are still riding his cock I lick his balls I can taste your cum and my blowjob porn videos cum now. And he says I’m going to cum you pull up and off his cock and remove his condom. suck his cock babe and swallow his cum for me.

So I take him in my mouth and begin sucking him oh your juice taste so good off his cock and he explodes there is so much cum I gag on it just as you shove my head down on his cock hard shoving his cock right down my throat. We all get cleaned up and sit down to talk. I tell him that me and you have talked and would like this to be a regular thing and would he be ok with that? And he says well I have to think it over and let you know with that we all said goodnight and he left. Me and my wife sat and talked about the totally hot evening we just had we decided we would find someone else if he decides not to come back. And we sit and talked about what the future may bring and then went to bed.

To Be Continued...