Weekend guest part one

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Weekend guest part one
"Please come in," Audra Cornell said to the /cute/">cute young blonde woman, "I'm Audra and you must be Kristin!!!" "Yes, ma'am, "Kristin replied softly while giving the apartment a quick once over, "I'm very happy to meet you!!!" "I don't want to seem pushy," Audra said, "but if you don't mind I'd like to see your driver's license just to verify your age!!!" Kristin reached into her small leather pocket book and produced the required document and handed it over while sizing up the fiftyish woman who she would be spending the weekend with!!! "Very good," Audra replied with a smile, "you're eighteen and a half, just perfect, and you look much so younger, I'm very pleased!!!" "Thank you very much," Kristin replied while replacing her license, "I'm looking forward to our weekend together, too!!!" "How about a soft drink," Audra asked while leading her young visitor into the kitchen, "and then we'll go over the ground rules for your visit, how does that sound!!!" "I'll have a diet cola," Kristin replied quickly, "and that sounds good to me!!!"

The two woman sat down at the ktichen table and sipped their drinks for a moment before Audra began, "Well, Kristin, I have a fixation for very young girls, and while I would never carry out those impulses, I enjoy acting out my fantasies with young /women/">women such as yourself who would like to make a little extra money, and who naturally have a very young and fresh appearance!!!'' Kristin simply noded that she understood and waited for Audra to continue, "So, when a girl visits me for the weekend, she allows me to treat her as little girl, and by that I mean bath her, shave her vagina, powder her, keep her naked or in panties, and of course have sexual relations whenever the mood strikes me, is this agreeable to you!?! Kristin had never done anything like this before, and just hearing the old woman talking so frankly about it made her pussy tighten slightly, and her reply came with a slight slurring of speech when she answered, "I sounds like a lot of fun, but no rough stuff or other people, it's just you and me, right!?!" "Of course it is, dear," Audra replied quickly, "you don't think I want to share you with someone else do you!?! Kristin giggled a little as she took the last swig of her drink and replied, "Well then, what are we waiting for!!!"

Audra quickly washed their two glasses, and then turning around to face Kristin said quietly, "For the rest of the weekend I want you to call me mommy or mama and I'll call you Krissy, now follow me into the bathroom!!!" "Once inside the large bathroom that was equiped with a huge hot tub, Audra said softly, "The game begins right now, so if you're ready, "Mommy is going to take off her little girl's clothes and give her a bath!!!" Quickly getting in the swing of things, Kristin said, "I don't want a bath mommy, and you can't make me!!!" full hd xvideo download "Oh really," Audra said with an arched brow, "how would you like your little bottom spanked, now get over here and let me take off your things, you're dirty as a little pig, have you playing in the mud again!?!" With her head /hung/">hung down Kristin replied, "Yes, mommy, I'm sorry!!!" "That's okay, dear, but be a /good/good-girl/">good girl and let mommy take of your things!!!" After that little exchange, Kristin stood calmly in front of Audra as she removed every last stitch of her clothing!!! Since she was only four feet ten and ninety pounds, Kristin looked for all the world like a teenager with her barely budding breasts and sparse blonde pubic hair, and Audra's hands roamed freely over her body, taking a lot of care to gently finger her now dripping vagina and of course to kiss her erect little nipples!!!

As Audra helped her over to the edge of the massive hot tub, Kristin stopped and whined, "Mommy, I'm afraid to get in the tub alone, it's too big, please don't make me get in there alone!!!" "Come on now Krissy," Audra replied, "you're a /girl/big-girl/">big girl now, just hop in, it will only take a minute for me to wash you off!!!" Kristin let her lower lip start to quiver, and in real display of acting began sobbing like a baby while saying, "P-please mommy, get in with me, I'm so /scared/">scared!!!" Audra made a point of looking totally exasperated with her child, but after finally throwing up her hands in disgust she replied, "All right, child, if it will make you feel any better, I'll get in the tub with you, is that what you want!?!" A big smile spread across Kristin's face as she gushed, "Oh goody, mommy's gonna take a bath with me, hurry up mommy, and get undressed, I can't wait!!!" "Relax, child," Audra said in scolding manner, "mama isn't quite a fast as her little girl, she's has lot more things to get off, so sit down and be quiet for a moment!!!" Kristin ploppd her little butt on the edge of the tub and sat wide eyed as she watched the old lady struggle out of her things, and while she was attractive for a woman her age, she was defintitely a plumper as her /breasts/huge-breasts/">huge breasts fell out of her industrial strength bra!!! "There we are dear, all ready," Audra said, "now let's take our bath together, okay!?!"

After the two women were safely in the bubble filled water, Audra pulled Kristin to her and just as a mother free porn movies download would a little girl, began gently washing her entire body, taking extra time on her vagina, bottom, and breasts!!! "My, my, you were so dirty," Audra remarked softly, "and now I think it's time that we make Krissy's vagina nice and smooth, just like a baby's," and while Kristin sat on the edge of the tub with her tiny thighs spread wide apart, Audra carefully used a disposable razor to shave her pussy clean as a whistle!!! "Now, there," she asked softly, "doesn't Krissy like the way her vagina looks now!?!" "Oh wow, mommy," Kristin replied happily, "but it kinda stings, could you make it stop stinging mommy!?!" "Of course I can, dear," Audra replied gently, "mommy can make it all better with her mouth, so be a good little girl a sit very still while mommy licks her little girl's vagina, okay, honey!?!" "Yes, mommy, I'll sit still," Kristin replied in a slightly thickening voice, "but please hurry mommy, it stings so /bad/">bad!!!"

Audra gave Kristin a little smile, and then so very gently pressed her mouth to the young woman's just shaved vaginal area, evoking an instantaneous sigh from the now very aroused Kristin!!! Audra's oral minstrations grew more intense by the second until Kristin was not only sighing, but actually begging the old woman to hurry up and get her off!!! With a small smile creeping across her face, a bemused looking Audra asked soflty, "does mama's little girl enjoy her tongueing?!?" "Oh yes, mommy," she moaned, "please lick my vagina for me, it's feeling so much better, please mommy, tongue me some more!!!" "Krissy's little clit seems to be all hard," Audra breathed softly, "does she want mommy to suck her hard little clit!?!" "Oh yes," Kristin gasped as the talented tongue of her new "mommy" snaked out and caressed her little bud, "mommy's so good to her little girl, mmmmmmm yes, mommy, suck Krissy's clitty for her, mmmmmmm it's so nice!!!" Audra looked up one more time into Kristin's face and said gently, "Mommy will do her little girl's clitty in just minute, but she wants her to do her a favor!!!" "W-what," Kristin stammered, "just tell me what you want!?!" "Could Krissy please twist her little nipples for mommy, she just loves it when her little girl touches her little puffies!?!"

By now Kristin was out of her mind with desire, and without having to be asked twice, she began fervently caressing her little nipples while Audra returned to the business at hand, that being sucking Kristin's pussy until she cover the old woman's face with her juice!!! Kristin's pussy was now a burning inferno as Audra bored in hard on her clit, and coupled with her own tit play, the poor girl's pussy wrenched hard as a numbing orgasm rumbled through her like an earthquake!!!" When it was finally over, Kristin slid slowly back into the water and nestled in Audra's lap while taking /big/big-nipple/">big nipple into her mouth and nursing on it gently until she fell fast asleep!!!"

She didn't know how long she was out, but Kristin woke up next to the tub on a large bath towel as Audra was drying her off and applying a generous handful of powder to her vagina and bottom!!! "My, my, you are such a good little girl," Audra cooed softly, "don't you feel nice and fresh aftrer your bath!?!" "Mmmm yes, mommy," she replied truthfully, "and mommy's big nipple tasted so good to her, and I was really hungry too!!!" "I'm glad," Audra replied with a smile, "now we're going into the bed room so Krissy can do mama a big favor, okay!?!" "Oh yes, mommy,"Kristin replied happily, "what ever you say!!!" "Good," Audra replied, "now stand up and let mommy put these pretty little panties on her little girl!!!" Kristin hopped right up and quickly slipped on the pink panties with the panda bears on them, and then with the still naked Audra leading the way, followed her /ass/big-ass/">big ass into the bedroom!!!

"Wheeeeeee," Kristen squealed when she jumped on the king size bed and began using it as a trampoline, "look at me, mommy, I'm jumping higher than the sky!!!" "Now stop that this instant," Audra said crossly, "you could fall and break your neck!!!" "I'm sorry, mommy," a very contrite Kristin replied soflty, "I promise never to do it again, you aren't going to spank me are you!?!" "Well I should," she replied in exasperation, "but I guess if you promise to be good, I'll let it go this time," while she quickly laid down with her thick heavy thighs wide apart and her incredibly /hairy/hairy-bush/">hairy bush gaping and ready to go!!! "Okay, dear," Audra sighed gently, "mommy wants her little girl to suck her vagina too, can you do that for her, please!?!" "Why isn't yours smooth like mine mommy," Kristin asked!?!"When you're older your vagina will have lots of hair too, dear," she replied quietly, "so now be a good little girl and suck mommy's vagina for her!!!" "Okay, mommy," she replied while taking a deep breath of Audra's sex, "mmmmm, you smell so nice mommy, I'm going to love sucking you," just before her mouth and tongue buried themselves in the forest that was Audra's hot /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt!!! For the better part of the next hour Kristin paid oral homage to Audra's huge muffy, bringing the old lesbian to at least four stunning climaxes that Kristin was sure would give the poor woman a heart attack, but which only seemed to prime her sexual pump into even more and harder cums!!!

When she was finally couldn't take even one more minute of tonguing, she pulled little Kristen up to her breast and began nursing her one more time until both of then drifted off into an orgasm induced dreamland, and Kristin's last happy thought was this was still only Friday night!!!