Three in a bed

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Three in a bed

I had let my wife back in and new her friend a little she asked if Sarah could stay the night I agreed and went to get them a drink. I was a little longer than some times as I remembered to go old waman xxxgx out and put car away.

On my return to the living room I am met by the two woman making out naked on the couch. Sarah and Sue had there tongues working on the others clit, clearly they were bokep sma pecah perawan so horny they could not stop. I sat down and enjoyed the show and when they came up for air Sue said to me Sarah has never had a /cock/big-cock/">big cock six to seven inches is her best I have told her about your ten inch /boner/">boner and she is not believing me. I stood up and slowly exposed my glory weapon fully erect.

Sarah cried my god how do you conceal that. I walked over to her and she rubbed it giving out a moan Sue smiled and said go on the poor girl is desperate now she has seen it. I moved in behind her ass and it needed no pre fingering it was wide open and I slowly slide my shaft fully in she was so close she shot her juices over my length and moved her hips in and out and at the same time her tongue was doing the business to Sue and her clit lips as I came so did Sarah and Sue squirted her juice all over her face.

The girls laid me down and liked my cock back to full size and my wife then lowered her cunt onto the cock for her shag. The girls went to our room showered before returning to complete their bi sexual night.

I have been promised Aaah would like more so plans to bring her husband next time so she can have me.