Teasin Tina

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Teasin Tina

’Quick, turn on the heat,’ Said Tina the minute we entered my dorm room, ’I am freeeeeeeezing.’ Tina and I were returning from a /party/">party late at night when we were caught in a sudden downpour. Drunk and already cold, we ran the final half mile back to my building in the pouring rain. ’I cant control the heat in my room,’ I replied to Tina with a sad expression on my face, ’Its set on a timer, it will probably come on later on tonight.’ ’Then get me a towel please,’ Tina asked, ’I’m going to be sick if I don’t warm up soon.’

I quickly rummaged through my closet and handed Tina a dry towel. ’Thank you,’ she mumbled as she wrapped the towel around her. Tina and I had been friends since high school and she was visiting me for the weekend while my roommates were out of town. We were once a couple back in middle school, before she dumped me and moved on to my former /friend/best-friend/">best friend. Even though our relationship didn’t work out, we remained close friends and kept in contact after heading off to different colleges.

’What else can I get you?’ I asked Tina as we stood there shivering in our wet clothes. ’How about a stiff drink,’ Tina replied jokingly as she removed the towel and began drying her hair. ’I have some beer in the fridge,’ I said, ’But I doubt that will warm you up.’ ’I think I had enough beer tonight,’ Tina said with a laugh, ’I need to get out of these wet clothes.’ As Tina continued drying her hair, I headed over to my side of the room and retrieved her bag of clothes. As I turned back with her bag in hand, Tina was unbuttoning her soaking wet blouse.

I paused for a minute as my mind was taken back to a time long ago. A time when Tina and I were young, inexperienced and innocent. I stared at her briefly as drops of water dripped from her hair and trickled down her chest. Slowly she removed her wet blouse and stood before me in her wet, white bra as I recalled the /first-time/">first time I laid my hands on her tits. Back in middle school, they were much smaller, but it was still a big deal to me when I first caressed them under her shirt. That was the furthest we went with each other, but the memories will remain with me forever.

’Here you go,’ I said to Tina as I handed her, her bag, ’Why don’t I step outside while you change.’ ’Don’t be silly,’ Tina quickly replied as she began digging through her bag, ’How long have we known each other?’ ’A long time,’ I added, ’But’..’ ’But nothing,’ Tina interrupted, ’This is your room and we are good friends. I think it is safe for me to change with you in the room.’ ’OK then,’ I replied, ’Maybe I should get out of these wet clothes too.’

I then walked over to my closet and pulled out some dry, warm clothes. Behind me I could hear Tina unzipping her shorts. ’Do you have a pair of socks I can borrow?’ Tina asked. ’Sure, hold on a second,’ I replied as I reached for an extra pair. When I turned back around, Tina was wearing only her bra and panties. Her wet shorts were down around her ankles. ’Ummm,’ I mumbled as I stuck out my hand, ’Here you go’’I hope they are warm enough.’ ’These will do fine,’ Tina replied as she smiled at me and grabbed them out of my hand, ’Hurry up and get wwwxxx out of your clothes before you catch pneumonia.’

Tina then turned around and bent over to remove her shorts. To my enjoyment, she was wearing a thong that disappeared between her firm round ass cheeks. Once again, memories flashed across my mind. Memories of when Tina was a skinny 13 year old girl with braces. What I was observing now was a beautiful young woman with tone legs, a firm round ass and a tiny waist. As I began drying off my hair, I kept my eyes focused on her and watched as she stood back up and reached behind her back to unhook her bra.

’I had a great time tonight,’ She said as she turned and looked at me over her shoulders. ’Me to,’ I replied as I quickly glanced towards the floor and continued drying my hair. Once she turned her head back, I looked up again as she removed her bra. I didn’t want her to think that I was catching a free show so I began removing my own wet shirt. As I dried off my chest and arms, Tina reached back behind her and pulled her thong out of her crack. With her thumbs inside the waistband, she bent over and lowered her thong to the floor.

I immediately stopped what I was doing as my jaw hit the floor in disbelief. Tina was now butt naked in front of me without a care in the world. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe she was an exhibitionist, either way I could have cared less. As she kicked her thong off her feet, she turned to one side and began drying off her legs. From my position, I could see her tits hanging underneath her, bouncing off her body as she ran the towel up and down her silky legs. She then stood back up with her back to me and wrapped the towel around her waist.

’What’s taking you so long?’ Tina asked as she turned and caught me staring at her. ’Sorry,’ I replied softly, ’I guess I was distracted.’ ’Distracted by what? These?’ Tina asked as she quickly spun around and covered her tits in her hands. ’Tease’ I replied to her as she stood only feet from me with a big grin on her face. Tina was known as a tease in high school and hated it when people referred to her as ’Tina Tease.’ It was a well known fact that Tina was a virgin and I respected her for that, even though I had fantasized many times about screwing her.

’Tease?’ Tina replied with a straight face, ’You know you liked what you saw.’ I couldn’t lie, I did enjoy every minute of it and my hardening cock was proof enough. ’Besides,’ Tina continued, ’You were the first person to touch my body, this shouldn’t be anything new to you.’ ’That was a long time ago, ’ I replied to her with a smile, ’A lot has changed since then.’ ’Like what?’ She asked, ’I had tits then and I have tits now.’ ’True,’ I agreed, ’But we are adults now. Full grown adults.’

’Full grown huh?’ Tina replied as she walked towards me with her hands still concealing her tits, ’Maybe you should get out of those wet pants and let me be the judge of that.’ ’I was referring to you,’ I said as I leaned back against my desk, draping my towel around my neck. ’What’s a matter?’ She asked as she stood a mere foot away from me, ’/scared/">scared to undress with me watching you?’ ’No,’ was all I could mutter as I began unzipping my pants. In fact, I was a bit scared because my cock was completely hard now and my boxers were soaking wet.

’Want some help?’ Tina asked as I stood there with my pants unbuttoned and zipper down. ’How you going to do that?’ I asked her, as she already had her hands full. Tina then removed her hands from her tits and grabbed hold of my wet jeans. I could not speak as the wwwxxx my eyes were fixed on her exposed breasts. She had to be a large ’B’ cup or a ’C’ and her tiny pink nipples were erect and resting comfortably on top of her tits. Tina then kneeled down and began to work my wet jeans down my legs.