Online Fun part 2

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Online Fun part 2

rhkapur: i m sori my net had some prob
rhkapur: r u there
sonia_2: yeah,,
rhkapur: so did u like what we did
rhkapur: can we be friends
rhkapur: are u busy doing something
rhkapur: ohh
rhkapur: hello
rhkapur: where are u

sonia_2: no,
sonia_2: i am here
rhkapur: hey sonia honey where are u are upset or something i m sori if i did wrong
sonia_2: its ok
rhkapur: can we be friends
sonia_2: why not
rhkapur: can i ask u something
sonia_2: yes

rhkapur: was this ur first sex chat experience, did u loved it
sonia_2: yes
sonia_2: its /first-time/">first time 4 me
rhkapur: did u had an orgasm, did u got over, were u done
sonia_2: yes i got it,
rhkapur: did i satisfied u online
sonia_2: yes i think,,
sonia_2: you often do it?
rhkapur: no this was the second time i did online

sonia_2: owhhhhhhh,,,
sonia_2: really??
rhkapur: yes first was with a lady about 28 age, /indian/">indian, we had cam session
rhkapur: six months ago
sonia_2: wow
rhkapur: did u ever thought of having sex with someone
sonia_2: for now,
sonia_2: never,
sonia_2: we just do it after married,
rhkapur: oh but this thought never came on ur mind, like someone can touch my 34 size boobs, vagina
sonia_2: ???

rhkapur: like someone touching u
sonia_2: never,,
sonia_2: i am afraid,,
rhkapur: of what
sonia_2: just afraid,,
rhkapur: ok tel me frankly are u going to share this exp of urs with anybody
sonia_2: have u ever done sex with girl??
rhkapur: yes
sonia_2: i mean not via online
rhkapur: yes i porn videos download have done it for real
sonia_2: thats common thing in ur country?

rhkapur: not really but yaa some girls are really shy, but some are just so bold
sonia_2: owh,,
rhkapur: but wen u ll do it for real u ll love it for sure
sonia_2: i dont know when,,
rhkapur: wen u ll get married
rhkapur: then
rhkapur: u ll do it for sure am i right
sonia_2: yeah
rhkapur: are u gonna share this exp with ur friends
sonia_2: no,,
sonia_2: what for..
rhkapur: good u should not
rhkapur: some things are personal
rhkapur: where is my pic
sonia_2: i dont save it,
sonia_2: u dont need to afraid,
rhkapur: did u like it

rhkapur: i m not afraid or else i would not have sent it, did u like it
rhkapur: hey
sonia_2: actually thats not clear
rhkapur: what
sonia_2: ur pic,
rhkapur: u want me to send it again
sonia_2: no no,,
rhkapur: y y
sonia_2: u dont need to do it,
rhkapur: y wat hapn
sonia_2: so,did u had an orgasm,
rhkapur: no u went so i was left
sonia_2: sorry,,,

sonia_2: so u continue it with other girl?
rhkapur: no i m not like that
rhkapur: kind of guy
rhkapur: i thought u ll come back n get me over
sonia_2: really sorry about it,
sonia_2: ectually i dont know much about sex,
rhkapur: i ll help u
sonia_2: i just ever read,,
rhkapur: good

rhkapur: u dont /movies/porn-movies/watch-porn-movies/">watch porn movies
sonia_2: no
rhkapur: u should it is good learning
sonia_2: owh,,
rhkapur: wen can we again do it
sonia_2: hmmm,,,
sonia_2: i think tomorrow is better,
sonia_2: because,
sonia_2: i am afraid there is someone disturb me,
sonia_2: and,
sonia_2: i have to go,,
sonia_2: i dont want disappointed u
rhkapur: fine 2mrw wat time
sonia_2: i can not say,,
rhkapur: plz tel me wat time honey

sonia_2: i dont know,,
rhkapur: i m waiting to get over
rhkapur: my cock is erect now
sonia_2: so?
rhkapur: plz get me over
sonia_2: u just imagen that i am there,
sonia_2: n,
sonia_2: i hold u cocks
rhkapur: conti typing i m lovingit
sonia_2: i kiss it,,
rhkapur: come on sonia suck me get naked let me fuck u in ur vagina

rhkapur: hhhhhh sssssss oooooooo
sonia_2: yeah,,
sonia_2: enter ur penis in my vagina,,
sonia_2: owhhhh......sssssssssshhh,,,
sonia_2: its very deep,,
sonia_2: fast n fast,,,
sonia_2: owhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......hhhhh
sonia_2: kiss my boobs,
rhkapur: thanks i got it
rhkapur: i love ed it
sonia_2: kiss my vagina,,
sonia_2: i love it,,
sonia_2: ur penis so strong,
rhkapur: kiissssiiinnnnnggggggggg uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
sonia_2: using ur finger honey,,

sonia_2: see my /vagina/red-vagina/">red vagina,,
sonia_2: there are many sperma there,
rhkapur: yes yaaaaaaa i m figering uuuuu ooooooooo
rhkapur: come on i m on u fucking u fast
rhkapur: do u feel the pain
sonia_2: owhhhhhhh....owhh...
sonia_2: little,,
sonia_2: but,
sonia_2: i like it honey,
rhkapur: come on get over u ll like it
sonia_2: yeah,,
sonia_2: lick my vagina,,
rhkapur: yes i m doing it
sonia_2: uhhh ,,,,,,,ssssssssssss,,,

rhkapur: uuummmaaaahhhhh iiiiuuuuuuuuu yyyyyyyyy i mmmm
rhkapur: soniaaaaaaaaaaaa
sonia_2: now u suction my boobs,,
rhkapur: i am sucking ur boobs and fingering ur pussy very deepo
sonia_2: owhhhhhh hhhhhhhh ooooo
rhkapur: oooooo hhhhhhh ssssssssssssssss
rhkapur: awwwwwkjkkkkk ooooooooo sssssssssssssssss
rhkapur: i m putting it very deep
sonia_2: had u an orgasm dear?
rhkapur: yes i did what about u
sonia_2: owwwwwwwwwwwwww
rhkapur: u did
sonia_2: not yet,
sonia_2: fuck me again honey.......

rhkapur: my finger is deep in ur /pussy/red-pussy/">red pussy
sonia_2: owhhhh,,,,,,
sonia_2: kiss my vagina,,,,
rhkapur: sleep on the bed spread ur legs i m eating ur pussy
sonia_2: using ur tongue
rhkapur: lets my /tongue/tongue-fuck/">tongue fuck u come on honey
sonia_2: eat it as u like honey,,,
rhkapur: ohhhh i iiii it is very silky
sonia_2: ohhhhhh hhhhhhh,,,,,,
rhkapur: i m sucking fast
rhkapur: oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rhkapur: mmmmmmmmmmmmsssssssssssssss
sonia_2: honeyyyyy
sonia_2: owhhhhhhhh...
rhkapur: let me fuck u now
sonia_2: yeahhh

rhkapur: i m putting my cock right inside ur red pusssyyyy
sonia_2: ahhhhhhhhh
rhkapur: i m going nicely fast n fast n xxx fast
rhkapur: ooooo banging u honey
rhkapur: ]aaaaahhhhhhhhh ahahahahahahaha
sonia_2: ahhhh owhhhhhhh,,,,,,
rhkapur: hahahahaha
rhkapur: hhhhhhhhhhh
sonia_2: i get it honeyyy
rhkapur: hhhhhhhhhhhh]aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
sonia_2: ahhhhhhh,,,,,,,,
rhkapur: oooooo easy easy
rhkapur: let u cum nicely
sonia_2: see my red pussy,,,,,
rhkapur: yes
rhkapur: i m looking at it

rhkapur: loving it
sonia_2: there are many ur sperma there,,,,
rhkapur: yes ther are
rhkapur: u got orgasm
sonia_2: yes,,
rhkapur: cool u loved it
sonia_2: kiss my boobs honey
rhkapur: yes i m kissing them
sonia_2: dont go from me,,
rhkapur: no i m here
sonia_2: i kiss ur lips
sonia_2: and say,
rhkapur: yes i m feeling it
sonia_2: Thanks,
rhkapur: thanks to u too
rhkapur: hey who else is ther in ur family
sonia_2: now?

sonia_2: no body at home,
rhkapur: no normally
sonia_2: hmmm,,,
sonia_2: my /sister/">sister n my parents
rhkapur: no brother
sonia_2: no,,
rhkapur: kkk
sonia_2: why?
rhkapur: just i cannot ask
sonia_2: are u naked now?

rhkapur: i m /whore/">whore i m pants
rhkapur: are u naked still
sonia_2: yes,
rhkapur: can i see u like this
sonia_2: hug me dear,,,
rhkapur: yes i m hugging u honey