Cheating PartnerA

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Cheating PartnerA

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like if you found your partner in bed with another person? Well I did, it happened to me not that long ago. I got home from work later then usual. I parked the car in the driveway as always and opened the front door of my typical urban house. I called out for my wife but to no avail. I had a quick look downstairs and found nothing so naturally I decide to look upstairs and that?s when I heard the moan. It was a low moan so low I dismissed it as part of my imagination. I slowly walked up the stairs when suddenly I froze in my tracks, I heard yet another moan, louder this time and longer. Gripping the handrail until my knuckles were white I proceeded onwards. With each step I took the noises coming from my bedroom where getting louder and louder. On reaching the top of the stairs my legs felt like jelly and I wanted to run away but I found myself tip toeing towards the bedroom door and I slowly pushed it open as it was already ajar and the scene that was presented before me quite literally made my jaw hit the ground. 

There was a woman laying down on the edge of bed face up and my wife was standing at the foot of the bed holding her legs up with both hands and fucking her with a /strapon/">strapon. This was the last thing I could imagine. My wife a lesbian, impossible, but there she wasstrap on and all. Even the other woman had a strapon, in fact it was a very realistic one, and that as the saying goes, the penny dropped. This was no ordinary woman this was a shemale with a very erect cock who was being fucked by my wife on my bed. Well by now my jaw (metaphorically speaking of course) had crashed through the floor and was now dangling somewhere in the downstairs living room.

I must have stood there for at least 5 minutes when my wife suddenly noticed me. Smiling she asked if I wanted to join in on the fun, but I just stood there wordless, she repeated the question and I managed to mumble some sort of a reply, seeing that I was in some state of shock, she came over to me and slowly undressed me. By now the shemale was sitting on the edge of the bed and only now I could truly appraise her body. She was tall with a slim waist, long slender legs, nice firm round breasts and long brown hair which covered the side of her beautiful face she was naked except for a pair of black stockings which really set her legs off.

By this time I and regained some of my senses and lost all my clothes, no one needed to tell me what to do, so without further ado I walked over to the shemale, stood in front of her, bent alain lyle porn over, opened my mouth and accepted her cock and proceeded to give my first ever blowjob. It wasn?t long before we developed a rhythm and I was sucking her off franticly. I was surprised that I could almost swallow all her cock into my mouth because she must have been about 8 or 9 inches at least, her cock felt warm and hard, I could taste her pre /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth and I was getting horny by the second. I sucked long and slow savouring and enjoying every minute of the blowjob, just then my wife, wanting to join in on the fun got behind me and with the strapon slowly started fucking me from behind, what a scene, me giving head to this shemale and my /wife/wife-fucking/">wife fucking me up the ass with the strapon it just couldn?t get any better but this was just the beginning. The shemale was moaning just like she was with my wife, smiling at me seductively she told me to stop and then she rolled over to the centre of the bed, guessing what was next I followed her. 

I found myself lying on my back, carefully she climbed on top of me and gently lowered herself on to my hard waiting shaft. She accepted all of it with no problem and I started to fuck her easy at first, I enjoyed the sensation of my cock sliding in and out of her tight little ass but this shemale wanted more and very soon we were fucking each other hard and fast. Looking up I could see her breasts bouncing up and down uncontrollability and I could feel her swollen cock slapping of my stomach in quick succession. Holding my hands around her waist I slowly moved them up, feeling the firm texture of her dark tanned skin and only stopping when my hands reached her breasts. 

Her breasts were so round they were perfect, I massaged them with my hands enjoying their firmness and the way they retained their shape because we were fucking each other almost to the point of no return, with my fingertips I slowly squeezed her nipples and I knew I found the right spot because she started fucking me even harder and begging me for more which of course I obliged. She was moaning uncontrollability now and I was sure she was going to cum but all of a sudden she forced herself to stop, I knew now it was my turn, so we simply swapped places and I found myself on top looking down on her amazing body, her cock inches from penetrating my eager arse. I took hold of her /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and squeezing it I slowly lowered myself until all 9 inches was throbbing in my ass. Slowly taking my time I experimented with her. Grinding my ass against her cock I slowly moved my hips forwards and backwards feeling all 9 inches moving. The shemale was flexing her hips slightly and between us we built up our own rhythm. Arching my back I reached round and with my hand cupped her balls and slowly massaged them with my fingers. Very soon I could feel the slap of her balls hitting my arse and hear the slap of my cock hitting her firm flat stomach our rhythm was now at a frantic pace her cock sliding in and out of my ass, indian santali xvideo reaching forward I gripped the headboard and pulled myself forwards and backwards in a rocking motion rhythmically slamming my arse down on her cock and getting faster and faster with each movement. We were covered with sweat caused by the exertion but I didn?t care, she was abusing me with her cock and that?s all I wanted, my head was swimming with the pleasure and now it was about to get better as my wife not wanting to be left out slid her head between my opened legs and started blowing me off.

Now getting fucked by a shemale and your wife blowing you off at the same is as good as it gets but the night was still young and they haven?t finished with me yet. My wife could tell I was ready to cum and she started masturbating me furiously. She was able to position herself so that I came all over her strapon and then once finished she stood up in front of me, her strapon inches from my face. Now I never thought I would eat my own cum or suck my wife?s strapon, but after giving a blowjob to a shemale and then having her fuck you in the ass I just thought what the hell and stuck the strapon in my mouth and sucked and licked every thing up, enjoying the fact that the shemale was still fucking me and she didn?t stop until I was finished.

Now I found myself kneeling on the floor, the shemale standing in front of me with her cock inches from my face, I could see pre cum glistening on the tip of her cock so I decided to start there first, I licked the head first and slowly I accepted her cock inch by inch into my mouth until I could feel it touching the back of my throat. I took my time sucking softly and enjoying every second of it. My wife was watching intently from the bed, I knew it was one of her fantasies to watch me give a blow job to a shemale, not wanting to disappoint her I carried on regardless. I ran my mouth down one side of her shaft, sucking and licking all the way down until I reached her balls. I sucked each one enjoying their texture and firmness at the same time. Starting at the base I ran my tongue back up her shaft to the tip and sucked her cock right down to her balls and back up again. I was in complete control, this shemale wasn?t going to cum until I said so. Reaching under I massaged her ass with my finger and slowly fucked her arse with it. I placed my other hand on her cock and masturbated it slowly in unison with my mouth giving her a slow long blow. I could feel her cock pulsating in my mouth she was on the verge of coming but I kept her back I was in control. When the time was right I leant back, opened my mouth and stroked her hard until she came and boy there was a lot of cum most of it spurting around my face and into my mouth. Masturbating her furiously I sucked her cock until she was dry.
Taking her cock out of my mouth she ran the head of it around my face collecting all the drops of cum and again I sucked her until there was not one drop left. 

My wife knew of my /fantasy/">fantasy?s with shemales and I never imagined she would be involved, but not wanting to disappoint me she arranged everything on the net and hired a shemale for the night, but seeing this stunning shemale she got horny and started without me, needless to say this was not my only encounter with a shemale and as always my wife would be there eager to join in on the fun so you never know one of these days you might read another story from me or my wife?