Most extruders have a bad habit of squeeze out a little 'of melted plastic when they are still at the start due to high temperature. The hot plastic within the nozzle tends to leak from the tip, creating a vacuum within the nozzle.
This "trasudare- oozing" (dripping) of a minimum of plastic can occur at the beginning of a print when we are in the phase of preheating of the extruder and also at the end of the press, while the extruder goes slowly cooling. If your extruder has lost a little 'plastic because of the dripping, the next time you try to be extruded, it is likely that it will take a few seconds before the plastic beginning again to come out of the nozzle. If you are trying to start a mail after the nozzle has "exuding-oozed", you may notice that the extrusion takes place but with a slight delay. To resolve this issue, make sure it is privileged a more correct position of the extruder before starting a press so that the nozzle is full of plastic and ready to extrude. A common way to do this with the slicing program is to include something in the 3D printing model called SKIRT. The SKIRT draws a circle around the object in print and in the extrusion process, will be privileged complete coverage, without air pockets, the molten plastic extruder. If you need a higher charge (hence more melting pressure) you can increase the number of SKIRT be printed around the object. Some users may prefer to manually extruded filament using the navigation controls in the printing software Control Panel, before you start printing